Staying close to nature by valuing the land and the people who cultivate it.

We have launched in-depth industry-university-research cooperation with Zhejiang A&F University to conduct in-depth research in crop science, crop genetics & breeding, crop cultivation & farming.We know the raw materials will make decisive effects on a superior product. That is why we settle down into the raw material supply chain. Snowco organized peasant farmers into a co-operative organization. Teach them, support them, and build a strong relationship. In return, Co-operative offers high-quality raw materials to SNOWCO.

Organic Certified

We are devoted to developing wholesome, healthy products to fit your organic certified or organic compliant ingredients demands. All ingredients must be Natural, Non-GMO, and must abide by the regulations set forth by the EU & USDA National Organic Program.

Isotope Testing (14C, δ13C, and δD)

Natural product compounds or chemicals are those derived from modern plants without the use of extreme or robust chemical processing. Only processes such as distillation, extraction, fermentation and the like, are permissible in foods labelled “natural”. Therefore, chemical manipulation, synthesis and catalytical processes are not considered natural processes and thus exclude the material from being considered natural. Stable isotope ratio analysis allows for the detection of these “unnatural processes” and along with the radiocarbon content permit characterization of both source material and process of manufacture confirmation.

We work with the University of Georgia - Center for Applied Isotope Studies (CAUSE) and Beta Analytic to ensure our product in quality of natural.

In general, the flavoring compounds are small molecules that are sufficiently volatile to be sensed through taste or smell. They cover a wide range of chemicals, including terpenes, phenols, aldehydes, and esters, many of which are chiral. By obtaining them through natural sources, chemical synthesis, or fermentation, the flavor, and fragrance industry ensure a constant infusion of new experiences to surprise and please the chemical senses.

Industrial chemists usually associate chirality positively with the top-selling blockbuster chiral drugs. But chirality also plays a very important role in flavor and fragrance chemistry.

The interaction of compounds with biological systems has long been shown to be stereoselective. Just as enantiomers of chiral drugs exhibit different pharmacological activity, chirality also plays an important role in the flavor and fragrance chemistry. These chiral enantiomers dictate not only taste or odor quality, but also intensity. Therefore, Snowco devotes great effort to investigate enantiopure chiral flavors and fragrances. Care is taken to make sure only the desired odor or flavor active isomer is added to reduce toxicological risks and, specifically, to meet strict regulations in the food and beverage industries. To that end, highly pure compounds are required, and no toxic chemicals are permitted during preparation.

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